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Friday, 26 December 2014

BIG CHIEF STUDIOS Announces the Limited Edition Series 7 11th Doctor!

BIG Chief Studios are proud to announce the all-new Collector Figure of the Eleventh Doctor from Season 7. This a 1:6 Scale Collector Figure is officially licensed by BBC Worldwide and produced in a limited worldwide edition of 1000!

Available to order from:

Each figure features a realistic likeness of Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in his series 7 costume and comes crammed with accessories plus a Magnograb Remote (Big Friendly Button) and a light-up display base.


1 x 11th Doctor Portrait Head featuring an Authentic Likeness of Matt Smith with Removable Hairpiece and Neck
1 x Fez with Interchangeable Hairpiece
1 x Anatomix Standard Slim Male Body with over 30 Points of Articulation
1 x Frock Styled Jacket
1 x Waistcoat with Pocket Chain
1 x Shirt
1 x Bow Tie
1 x Pair of Bracers (Suspenders)
1 x Pair of Trousers
1 x Pair of Boots
1 x Pair of Socks (Partial)
8 x Interchangeable Hands (6 x 11th Doctor & 2 x 12th Doctor)
1 x Display Base with Illuminating Gallifreyan Symbol & Stand
EXCLUSIVE: 1 x 12th Doctor Portrait Head featuring an Authentic Likeness of Peter Capaldi with Neck

1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Closed)
1 x Sonic Screwdriver (Open)
1 x Wallet with Psychic Paper
1 x Pair of Round Framed Spectacles
1 x Big Friendly Button
1 x Bow Tie Box with Bow Tie
1 x Wristwatch
1 x TARDIS Series 7 Interior Printed Backdrop
EXCLUSIVE: 1 x Handles Cyberman Head FREE with Purchase via Payment in Full or Payment Plan

Doctor Who Last Christmas Review

Plot Summary (Spoiler warnings)
In short we were subjected to a interesting multiple dream within a dream scenes all at the north pole or were they. The film influences for this episode were Alien face huggers for the glorious hands/ Dream Crabs  which were very scary and excellently done.
The Ring with the Aliens walking threw the TV. An Nightmare on Elm Street if you die in a dream you are died in real life, the Wizard of Oz  there is no place like home , Miracle on 30th Street the Actor who played Santa is called Nick Frost and this Santa was badass but wanted everyone to believe in him(very well done Moffat)
It's a wonderful life what would Clara's life be like if the Doctor never returned to her and last Inception many dreams in a dream. The was also a reference to My little Pony. In short this Christmas specail felt like opening a very familiar Christmas stocking full of films you had watch before. It was fun but overall unsatisfactory but the episode did resolve the Danny save and Gallifrey found lie between the Doctor and Clara. 

Clara was more whinny, needy than ever and she will not die or leave. Clara spent the episode mooning over the lose of Danny and 11th Doctor. Move on already.
Spoiler Alter she will be back for season Nine!I was touched by the Doctor pulling a cracker with the older Clara as it linked to last year's 11th Doctor and Clara cracker scene nicely.  Horraay for platonic love.  

Was a nice dream chap. I really feel that he should have had some adventure s in the Tardis. It would have been fun. But no still dead.

Peter Capolid captures the Doctor and he shines. He had a last a balance between the light moments and his great serious,  dark, edgy moment's which were great like driving the  santa sledge like 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor respectly.  Why do all the Doctor's have to have the same experiences now? 

Nick Frost's Santa was a badass, bad mouthing, sarstic, Chrimbo dude with a touch of warm winter wine for extar feels. He owned the role.

Random Explores/ scientists (not either of these things)
Were just the normal random mix of guys and girls from the movie Alien or a random explore film. Good characters, loved the Turkey leg scene and the sexy older lady in a wheelchair. The head scientist was great and had a well defined strong female role with intelligence dialogue; shame about Clara who was reduced to screaming female and sent into danger.

Overall one of the best scary episode in ages but in short like Bobby in tge Shower it was all a dream.  Too much Inception for my liking but the Alien references were excellent and creepy. Love the Dream crabs, slash Hand huggers.

I will get around to reviewing Season 8 11 /12 Dark Water and Death in Heaven when I have calmed down.  

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 9 Flatline

Plot Summary

In short people disappear because 2 alien from another dimension are learning about humans and bring 3D! This episode is not one for the younger kids! Very creepy and scary! Love the monster design and the supporting cast is great!  This episode is dark as it has a group of community service men as the supporting roles. The lighter stuff happens in the Tardis and to it as it shrinks down with the Doctor in it full size also love it's new defence mode. 


Clara takes the lead as she has to be the Doctor for a day. Clara bossy and asks the right questions which rightly worries the Doctor! 


Peter performance in this one us hus best yet and very funny with a dark twist! 


Excellent supporting role as Clara's companion. But could the show be saying the Doctor just uses his companion as tools and not as people who he is showing the universe to? 
Danny was sweet and needy but supportive! 


I give this episode 4/5 and a high scare rating! 

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Mummy on the Orient Express

Plot Summary 
A mystery on a train with the foretold! When passagers start dieing can the Doctor help!  Love the Mummy monster! At last an episode which makes the Doctor the main character. 
 Is it Clara's last trip? We can only hope! 

Brilliant performance!   
Conflicted and angry with all the death. Clara really needs to wake up and understand that the Doctor constant companion is death! 
Danny has a nice comforting cameo which is well played and sensible.  

Over all a great mystery, great support cast and a great monster, shame about Clara!
 Love the period details. 
Ratings 5/5

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Kill the Moon


Dr Who does an abortion metaphor as the moon is an egg and the creature within the moon has started to hatch! The moon has spider antibodies which are killing the crew of a save earth space mission. The space mission from the future has nuclear bombs on it which have to be activated by turning the bombs on first and then using a detonater to cause the bombs to blow up. The Doctor takes Courtney as a way of apologising to her and Clara. The future space crew has an middle aged women and 2 older men. One man gets sent back to turn the bombs on and he gets eaten by the spiders so the bombs will not work anyway. The other man dies exploring a dark old space craft that was part of research mission. 

Doctor Is excellent in this as he allows the 3 women an 9 ls women,  a teenager and a women in her twenty to make the choice by themselves as he knows it is not his choice to make.

Courtney was great in this uploading the Doctor pictures to Tumbler. Love it! 

Clara for a women how has saved the doctor she was really annoying in this as he leave them to choose and she gets offended!  Does not she know he would have come back for them? 

I really enjoyed this episode great story, tension and dark edge which makes it an episode not for younger viewers.  
Rating 5/5 

Dr Who Season 8 The Caretaker


In short a robot solider has landed and its trying to follow it's basic programming of killing humans near Susan Foreman's old school!

Bad luck for Clara and Danny who work there. The Doctor goes undercover as the Caretaker to save the day! But does he? 


Great development of his character but still him and Clara's relationship is awakard! Danny and the Doctor's relationship is one of rivalry and respect which is odd. Loved his jump to the rescue!  


Will she leave the Doctor for Danny? Won't she argument.  Does she like being put in danger by him? Is Clara stupid because she was put in danger by the Doctor in the second half of season 7 and she did not ask this question. So why is she now minding all of a sudden?  


Great work from Peter Capolid here, love his relationship with Courtney Woods. 


What is with the 11th Doctor Grief that the show is going though.  Yes, respect 11 but Matt Smith chose to leave!

 Why can't Moffat leave it alone and move on now. YES bow ties were cool, (they still are) but we have a new Doctor now! Who does not need 11th rubbed in his face all the time. But by doing this we do explore Clara feelings for both 11th and Danny. The inclusion of the  11TH Doctor look a like teacher with the curly hair is a odd but seems out of place just a Peter is getting into his stride.   


Great Character, we need more pep in Doctor Who not more awfully awkward dates and grumpy conflicted conversations. Where is the fun ? 

Villian was boring and very Sarah Jane Adventures like but the story is in a school.


For story 3/4

 For character development 4/4

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 5 Time Heist

Plot Summary

Memory worms are becoming over used but the idea of the Doctor getting a gang and robbing a max security bank is super.
This episode rocks because it is a stand alone story which has losts of great new characters!

The Teller made me flash back to River Song, Rose and even the 11th Doctor story of Hide in Season 7. Glad Tellers were good.

Mutant human called Saibra is clearly a rip of X-Men and the again with the Augmented human called Psi.
But they hold there own and push the  story forward even if they are plot tool characters. 

What is getting old in Doctor Who is killing characters to bring them back again, yawn. We have seen it before.  When will Moffat learn that if the Doctor does not care about a character then the viewer will not; even if Clara pretends to care because lets face it the Doctor companions never like to compete for his attention.  Both of these new character were cool and I hope they get a come back.

Bank Security
Ms Delphox the Head of Security as a clone of Director Karabraxos 'the clone burner' was awesome and had real depth to her and in the end we feel for her because the Doctor does. Perhaps he understands her as he too burns his lives one after another, always moving forward not looking back.

Clara's level of trust in the Doctor is huge and the emotional cost to her is huge. She needs to like Martha before her let him go.

Dark Doctor very scary and yet he was very funny in this episode but the villainy of him in this episode is shocking.  I loved it.

Rating 4/5

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 4 'Listen' Review

There are spoilers in this review be warned! 

Basic Plot
The simple story of the episode is the Doctor suspects that when anyone is alone they have evolved defence strategies like talking to yourself to combat a unseen creature which has evolved  to be the best at hiding. This episode is a time loop.

The Scare Factor is a 100!!
The use of sound was highly effective in this episode as it tackled the question of how do you show a creature which can't be seen. The timing of louder bangs and soft sounds for the creature and characters imaginations was excellent.  The scenes has creepy Colour lines and mysterious tones which added to the overall creepy feel of the episode. The unseen monster was an brilliant idea expertly executed.  Children need to watch behide the sofa for this one!

Character Development
Danny Pink is still awkward but seeing him as child bring greater audience understanding of him. Clara and him just are going to be that awkward couple with rubbish timing.

Clara took the lead on this episode and she really is one of the strongest and time y whimey companions to date and most influential on forming the Doctor.
Clara leads the plot forward based up the Doctor idea which allows for him to have backseat control.The audience relates more to Clara than to the Doctor at this point. Her very awkward soap romance with Mr Pink feel forced and is very cringe worthy but can be funny.

Peter Capolid's performance is excellent as grumpy serious old man. But the audience has a weak Connection to him but this changes with the revelation end of the episode. As it appears he and his fourth wife River Song both share growing up in childs home.

Clara and Danny are part of the Doctor's family?
As they seem to share a Family heirloom! 

I give this episode 4 out of 5. It developed all of the characters well but the soap love story between Clara and Danny can be funny but  it was disconnected from the main story in this episode. Creative monster and MORE DOCTOR BACKSTORY!


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 3 The Robots of Sherwood

This episode had good weather, shame about the overall cheap feel to the episode; paticularly the costumes (minus Clara's costume) and the historical sets being too new looking.

Clara is now a fully developed character thank God. Thus able to put both Robin and the Doctor in their place. But Peter Capolid's grumpy Doctor needs to find his lighter side quick. The over laughing Robin Hood was jolly annoying.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was just passable but nearly ham. There were many quite River Song references to Queens which made me mourn her and that kiss on the Doctor cheek from Maid Marion was sweet.

I feel that we have gone from the 11th Doctor Who played by Matt Smith was a myrical mix of the complex old man with a young man's energy & zest for life with over complicated love life & story arches to Peter Capolid's 12th Doctor a serious grumply complex mature man with very Janet and John simple stories. Is a step to far and it insults the Dr Who audiences. I just hope the next episode gets us back on track. I love the promise land references so far. I hope Peter Capolid's Doctor is able to be a round Doctor, who is able to have a light and dark side. I loved the spoon duel. This episode was dull and What's is with Doctor Who's historical stories not being quite right.
Overall I give this episode a 4/10.
Could do much better.
By Myriam Roberts

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 2 Into the Dalek Review

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 2 Into the Dalek Review

I loved the opening of a distressed spaceship which never gets old.

The Clara and Danny Pink interaction was awkward for all concerned not just the characters; Dr Who has never done an awkward love story so awkwardly. Danny Pink got a good if long introduction. Clara's job role was forced down the audience throats repeatedly annoying. Journey Blue was an excellent supporting character.

This episode featured Dr Who's third chained Dalek called Rusty. This idea is overused plus going inside a Dalek is a good idea but not if you used cheap plastic cables. Classic Who got away with this New Who can't afford to be retro!

In short the episode felt like a remashing of 9th Doctor Episode Dalek with 11th Doctors Ayslum of the Daleks plus a squeeze of 11th Doctor Episode the Beast Below. The story ideas needed more development as it felt we were blowing up Daleks because that was what Dr Who does.

The episode showed us the Doctor's soul and I am concern that Peter Capolid's excellent serious Doctor lacks a fun sparkle which makes everything grave; not good for an adventure show for the family. 

The most annoying thing from this episode was everyone kept saying Rusty was a good Dalek but a person's actions make them good or bad. Rusty just widen his emtional compass by star gazing which for a Dalek is a huge achievement but does not make him good! 

Overall rating 5/10 

By Myriam Roberts 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dr Who Season 8 'Deep Breath' Review

Myself and my fellow Dr Who Fans tracked to the cinema to watch 'Deep Breath'; which is what we took as this episode was very scary and an emotional ride.
The open of the episode features a new Dr Who theme tune and opening sequence arrangement using new cogs, clocks and planets whirling around the time vortex. The Tardis too has a simple redesign of orange colour and cogs. The 12th Doctor's screwdriver is the same as the 11th Doctor's. 
The episode itself was a mixed bag as the story starts as a detective story about a Dinosaur who gets barqued. Strax, Jenny and Vastar lend much needed familiar support as the 12th Doctor is confused, tried and needs to reboot himself and as does Clara. 
The performance of Peter Capolid as the 12th Doctor is a bewildered mercial man who is very much on the ball but has dangerous twinkle behide his overgrown eyebrows.  
Clara is very much disappointed, taken back by the regenerated Doctor and then terrified by her situation of being in human body part stealing robots restaurant kitchen! 
All the time she and the audience is wondering if the new Doctor really has her back?
I find the new direction refreshing and Peter's performance brings back the enigma into the Doctor's newly baked persona. This Doctor does not do flirting! Is he deathly to robots?
Pushed or jumped?   The episode leaves you guessing!
I did miss Matt Smith's 11th Doctor mad movements; the telephone call by 11th Doctor to Clara was wonderful as was Vastar's speech on acceptance.
Overall this episode felt like it was the set up to a longer game but it felt like a stop gap to a reboot of all the characters relationships not the 1st episode of the season.  Now that's out of the way bring on the adventure. Germiono!  
Episode Score 8/10 
By Myriam Roberts

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My Dr Who Figurine Collection Photo-shot!

Here is my complete Dr Who Figurine collection so far!! 

Here is my complete Dr Who Figurine collection so far!! 

Just the Smaller Figurines

1 Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

2 Davros 

3 Cyber Controller 

4 Weeping Angel 

5 Silurian 

6 Bronze Dalek 

7 Sontaran

8 Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) 

9 Ice Warrior

10 Silent 

11 Rassilon

12 Ood Sigma

13 Dalek Suprerme

14 Cyberman (2013)

15 Omega from the Three Doctors

Figurines with Tardis! 

New Figurines from parts 14 Cyberman (2013) and part 15 Omega (from the Three Doctors) plus the Dalek Emperor subscription gift and Tardis special for scale purposes. 

The last Subscription Gift the massive Dalek Emperor 
All figurines with 1st Rare Dalek from the Dalek Master Plan! 

A Family Group shot!! 

Hope you enjoyed! 


DR Who Figurine Collection: Dalek Emperor Figure

Hello all,

Here at long last is my Dalek Emperor figurine unboxing from the figurine collection by Eaglemoss!

Here is my a preview of him! 

   The full review of the Dalek Emperor Figurine!

My complete Dr Who Figurine Collection so far!