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Friday, 10 May 2013

Vinspired Igniter, What's your Project!!

Kick off a project with award-nominated Igniter

vInspired’s Igniter is in the running for the best Doing Good Online platform in the UK. We’ve been shortlisted for a Nominet award!

Igniter helps you build a community project of your own.

We’ll help you appeal to the public for donations. Once your project is funded, it’s up to you to pull it off.

Make your dream a reality. Use our pioneering platform to help your community.

Sign up to Igniter now!

Team V is looking for New Volunteers!!!

Join Team v for a £1000 grant

  • Chosen a career that needs leadership, project management and PR skills?
  • Want to make a positive change in your community?
  • Fancy £1000 towards training for work?
  • 18-25?
  • Living in England?
If you answered yes, you're perfect forTeam v. We're recruiting and we want YOU. Applications are open until Friday 28 June.