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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 9 Flatline

Plot Summary

In short people disappear because 2 alien from another dimension are learning about humans and bring 3D! This episode is not one for the younger kids! Very creepy and scary! Love the monster design and the supporting cast is great!  This episode is dark as it has a group of community service men as the supporting roles. The lighter stuff happens in the Tardis and to it as it shrinks down with the Doctor in it full size also love it's new defence mode. 


Clara takes the lead as she has to be the Doctor for a day. Clara bossy and asks the right questions which rightly worries the Doctor! 


Peter performance in this one us hus best yet and very funny with a dark twist! 


Excellent supporting role as Clara's companion. But could the show be saying the Doctor just uses his companion as tools and not as people who he is showing the universe to? 
Danny was sweet and needy but supportive! 


I give this episode 4/5 and a high scare rating!