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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Dear all,

I love Chickens.

Here are my favourite breeds!

Bald /Naked Chickens 

No need to pluck!

Silkie Chickens


White Silkie (Bantam) Hen
I have over used the hair dryer or got my winter coat on to try it for size! lol 

Hope you Enjoyed! 



Hello all,
I love these cards as they cover the whole 50 Years of Doctor Who History!  

Set 1

Set 2 

 This set only comes with Doctor Who Monster Invasion Magazine.

There are 480 cards to collect in total ( Set 1, Set 2 & Ultimate collection)

  •  45 Doctor cards
  •  57 Villain cards
  • 87 Doctor's Ally cards
  • 108 Monster cards
  • 123 Adventure cards
  •  49 Gadget cards
  •  2 Infinite cards. 

All cards other than the Infinite are divided into four categories - 

  • Common
  •  Rare 
  • Super Rare 3-D 
  • Ultra Rare

 There are also four special edition cards - 

  • The Exploding TARDIS card (which came with the first Doctor Who Monster Invasion collector's tin)
  • The Doctor Autograph card (available only with issue 11 of Doctor Who Monster Invasion)
  •  The Amy Autograph card (only available to subscribers who opt-in to buy the Doctor Who Monster Invasion Extreme collector's tin) 
  •  The Rory Autograph card (available with the Doctor Who Monster Invasion collector's tin). 

The new Ultimate collection is only available with Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine from Issue 32 - 52 to complete your collection!

There are 126 cool new cards to collect.
Every issue comes with five shiny rare cards and a shiny ultra rare card. 
There is no Infinite card in this collection.

The Ultimate collection features five limited edition cards. 

  • Four of these are Flipcards in issues 32, 38, 45 and 52. 
  •  one is a special 'Silence Will Fall' card

Official website for the cards and magazine collection!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Twilight: Analyse, Review and Commentary!

Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. 


Part 1: General Romantic Themes

Here is Part 1 : General Romantic Themes in my Fifty Shades of Twilight: Analyse, Review and Commentary Series. 

It can be said that Fifty Shades of Grey is just an updating of all the chick flicks and romance Mills and Boom Novels with a twist of bondage and a dash of Pretty Women.

In short the whole story is about the journey a man or a Dark/Grey/ White Knight goes though to get his life back on track  told from the perspective of the women he loves Ana.  The biggest question facing Ana and Christian's relationship and (later marriage) is will or can it work out between them relationship wise, as well as moving their physical relationship form the red room to the bedroom. 

The books does read like a fairy tale is Christian Grey a white knight coming to save Ana. Or is he a Dark Knight coming to trap her in dominate submissive contract? 
Could this ambivalence reflect our 21st Century fear of Commitment and therefore marriage?? 

Can Ana like Miss Ward in Pretty Women rescues Christian right back after he rescues her?? Or will is destroy her to do so?? 

E.L James uses light, sky and clouds in the books to give the feeling that Ana and Christian are above the ordinary people as they work out their relationships morality and hint at future which will be above others due to money, lifestyle and family happiness. Could be this be in their grasp?  Charlie Tango the helicopter is even sabotage, is their relationship going to be too??

Wanting More 

After Ana leaves him in the first book and Christian has his epiphany and realise that he does want more in their relationship but how! The concept of wanting more in a relationship is as old as  the fairy tales or as Mr Lewis form Pretty Women puts it impossible relationships with all  their the flower's, chocolate's and hearts trappings. This is also how Christian proposes to Ana in a room full of flowers and hearts just to bang home the point to the reader that Christian wants a real relationship with Ana and not some dominate submissive contract! But there are those who claim that is what a marriage can turn into. This idea will be looked at further in this blog series. 

The Book Covers 

The book covers are really good advertises to the max here. All three books are black or is a dark grey and all of them have sliver items which do have major roles in each book apart from the key which is metaphorical of their relationships freedom or is Christian's freedom or Ana's freedom or all of it. The tie is Ana's favourite and hints a Christian being a business man who loves pleasure but of what kind? The mask is from the ball but who in the relationship is wearing a metaphorical mask is Ana wearing it because she is hoping for what is not there in their relationship or is a Christian hiding be-hide his dominate persona? 
I love the art but overall I think it does hint at the story being darker and dirtier than it is as Ana and Christian relationship does come out of the dark into the light. 

Summing up

It could be said the Fifty Shades of Grey is a development and merger of all the the romantic literature and romance media into one huge fantasy. This is clearly the case but is it what all   women and mummy's love to read??
I think that the reason  that Fifty Shades of Grey goes to dark places is that in the 21st century men and women's roles are at a state of confusion and flux. Is it meant to be OK in theroy for a man to watch a romantic film or cry in public but does it happen in real life? 
Or is the married working mum still the one bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen cleaning after work at home?? 

Hope you enjoy it!

Next time Part 2: Classic Literature Influences

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Twilight: Analyse, Review and Commentary!

Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised. 

Part 0: Introduction, Basic Plot Outline and Contents 

Who has not read Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy this summer?
The fifty Shades of Grey series is written by E.L James a female British author and housewife who liked Twilight series and Fifty Shades of Grey grew out of a Twilight based fan fiction called 'The Master of the Universe' 
In this series of blog posts, I will be looking at different aspects of the Grey Trilogy getting down to the real meaning without the hype. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. 
If you don't want to be spoiled then don't read, simple!

Basic Plot Outline

Book 1 Fifty Shades of Grey 

Anastasia Steel is 22 years old and about to graduate for university with a degree in English Literature. Her best friend is the editor of the student newspaper and has the flue so she ask Anastasia (from now on I will call her 'Ana' like the books) to go and interview the businessman and billionaire Christian Grey who funds the university's science and agricultural department and will be at their graduation ceremony giving out degrees.
This interview changes both their lives and Ana literally falls at his feet! Meaning that Grey has to find out more about her and so stalkers to her part-time place of work Claytons DIY and buys some rope and cable ties
Very interesting and after another spark flying conversation; Grey decides to get his security people to do a background search on all things Ana; as he needs to know more in the hope that she will be his new subGrey is a messed up big time, he needs to be in control over everything due a mysterious secret in his past. Ana and Grey then spend the rest of book 1 working out their literal and metaphorical relationship contract; will it work out between headstrong Ana and control freak Christian?
In the end Major Spoiler Alert Ana leaves as Christian's demands and lifestyle become too much. 

Book 2  Fifty Shades Darker 

Ana is devastated, but knows that she made the right choice. 
Can she really live without him? 
Can Christian go back to his old ways?
Christian is devastated and abandoned again with only a glider toy and a leaving note given to him by Ana  to help focus him and the advice form an old female friend 'Mrs Robinson'. Christian has an epiphany and realise that he does want more in their relationship but how. Fifty Shades Darker is not really dark at all is about Christian discovering that he does want hearts, flowers, chocolate and lots of vanilla sex. Major Spoiler Alert: Grey ask Ana to marry him.

Book 3 Fifty Shades Freed

After their wedding Ana and Christian go on a honeymoon to everywhere and anywhere Ana wants to go with security of course.
Back at Christian's company attacks starts to happen first arson and then 'Charlie Tango'' the helicopter is sabotage leading to a kidnapping!
There is a car chase and there is a pregnancy, is it too soon?
Can Christian cope with parenthood?
Will Christian be a good father?
Will they live together?
Will their third' family' house get built on time? 
Who is attacking them? Could it be fired Jack?
In short it all works out, more than well plus Christian even makes peace with his past. Roll on blip number three!

Part 1: General Romantic Themes

Part 2: Classic Literature Influences

Part 3: The Influence of Twilight

Part 4: Is it good writing?

Part 5:  Money, Technology and Lifestyle Porn?

Part 6: Ana Steele Character Analyse

Part 7:  Christian Grey Character Analyse 

Part 8: Sexuality

Part 9: Feminism and Machismo

Part 10: Conclusion

See you all next time in Part 1: General Romantic Themes!

By Myriam Roberts 

P.S Really pleased with my space background now! 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Olympic Torch!

Here I am with the Olympic Torch and its bearer Sue! Go Sue and go netball!


Why I joined the UK Labour Party?

Hello all, at long last it finally happen I have joined the Labour Party!

Here are 3 good reason's why!

1. To create a fairer Britain
2. To create a fairer Britain
3. To create a fairer Britain 

Democracy can only happen when all are involved!
click the link for more information if you like!

So there you have it!


Thursday, 9 August 2012

News for Doctor Who at 50!!

Well, what can I say about this??

Doctor Who next year is going to be 50 years old which makes it the longest running science fiction show in the world! (Sorry Star Trek)
Science fiction seriesDoctor WhoUnited Kingdom United Kingdom1963–1989, 1996, 2005–presentNumber of Epsiodes
784 as of 25 December 2011
The First Doctor William Hartnell!

What's more the BBC are telling the story of how Doctor Who came into TV being.The special documentary will air on BBC 2 for 90 minutes and tells the tell of the Tardis's first Doctor William Hartnell and how the show 'Doctor Who' came into being and was made. Doctor Who is part of world wide television history.

The Current Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith

For more information check out the link below!

By Myriam Roberts

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mobile Blogging up and ready to go!

Now I can blog from any where in the universe!

I love this oak tree. It grows in London the capital of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  Look at its cool wavy branches!
by Myriam Roberts

Trueblood or real blood: the truth about the drink!

Does anybody feel there is more to the Japanese company which manufactured the synthetic-blood drink for vampire's in Trueblood than they are letting on!

Here are my theories;

1. They did not really make synthetic-blood and the drink is made with real human blood from blood donors.

2. They did make synthetic-blood and it is  to make vampire's 'mainstream' safely.

3. The drink is made by the vampire authority with the backing of the human government so that they can control the world population.

4. The vampire authority makes and controls the drink and it is a secret weapon to turn the whole world into vampires so they can all live on trueblood.

5. They did not really make synthetic-blood and the drink is made with real human blood from unwilling victims.

Please tell me what your Trueblood theories are about the drink in the comment box below!

By Myriam Roberts

Monday, 6 August 2012

Obituaries: Godric the Vampire God

Hello Everyone,
Where I live now has a new ASDA and as Godric the Vampire God from Trueblood met the sun recently.
(see image below)  I thought he would like to get a new flat screen TV from ASDA so he could keep an eye on his increasing vampire family and naturally to watch Trueblood on it now!
Godric stated just before meeting the sun that 2000 year's of living is enough and that he wanted to make amends. This is a quote from Godric from the waitress Sookie Stackhouse who witness his self chosen death as his family could not watch with him, due to their vampire condition making sun bloke useless. In all seriousness, Godric is a kick ass vampire and became a great moralist late in his 2000 years on planet earth after a life time of moral nihilism as his progeny Eric states that Godric taught him that "There is no right or wrong only survival or death." 
Godric's family wish it to be noted that Godric states that he told a lie about his moral nilhilism and that in his family there were and are centuries of love and faith between them.

It can also be noted that Godric is survived by his two living dead progeny Nora and Eric. Eric is also a maker his Progeny is called Pam Godric's Granddaughter! Who we have recently learnt that she too has just become a maker to a new vampire called Tara.
So had Godric lived he would have been a Great Grandsire or Grandmaker, but he still is one!
(See picture from Godric's family album)

As these pictures show this vampire family is close and has loving ties!
We can only hope that they follow their Grandmakers advice and that their blood with thrive if they do!

It is noted that the name Godric means the following "Power of God." It safe to say that Godric lived up to his name and hopes that his family can thrive! This is an obituary not the life history of Godric!
If you really lucky I will do this but when the family pass on the relevant information!

I know that many people were killed during Godric's life and that he wanted to make amends! In short Godric was a bad ass vampire who met the sun with a clear conciseness who wanted to burn, hoped to see God and find a deeper meaning in life and death . Godric knows that man and vampire can co-exist!  It is important that we think before we act and that thinking " What would Godric do?" would be a wise thought!
Many Thanks Godric's family and his friends wish them well and hope they can stay out of trouble long enough to read these words.

By Myriam Roberts