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Sunday, 31 August 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 2 Into the Dalek Review

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 2 Into the Dalek Review

I loved the opening of a distressed spaceship which never gets old.

The Clara and Danny Pink interaction was awkward for all concerned not just the characters; Dr Who has never done an awkward love story so awkwardly. Danny Pink got a good if long introduction. Clara's job role was forced down the audience throats repeatedly annoying. Journey Blue was an excellent supporting character.

This episode featured Dr Who's third chained Dalek called Rusty. This idea is overused plus going inside a Dalek is a good idea but not if you used cheap plastic cables. Classic Who got away with this New Who can't afford to be retro!

In short the episode felt like a remashing of 9th Doctor Episode Dalek with 11th Doctors Ayslum of the Daleks plus a squeeze of 11th Doctor Episode the Beast Below. The story ideas needed more development as it felt we were blowing up Daleks because that was what Dr Who does.

The episode showed us the Doctor's soul and I am concern that Peter Capolid's excellent serious Doctor lacks a fun sparkle which makes everything grave; not good for an adventure show for the family. 

The most annoying thing from this episode was everyone kept saying Rusty was a good Dalek but a person's actions make them good or bad. Rusty just widen his emtional compass by star gazing which for a Dalek is a huge achievement but does not make him good! 

Overall rating 5/10 

By Myriam Roberts