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Monday, 25 August 2014

Dr Who Season 8 'Deep Breath' Review

Myself and my fellow Dr Who Fans tracked to the cinema to watch 'Deep Breath'; which is what we took as this episode was very scary and an emotional ride.
The open of the episode features a new Dr Who theme tune and opening sequence arrangement using new cogs, clocks and planets whirling around the time vortex. The Tardis too has a simple redesign of orange colour and cogs. The 12th Doctor's screwdriver is the same as the 11th Doctor's. 
The episode itself was a mixed bag as the story starts as a detective story about a Dinosaur who gets barqued. Strax, Jenny and Vastar lend much needed familiar support as the 12th Doctor is confused, tried and needs to reboot himself and as does Clara. 
The performance of Peter Capolid as the 12th Doctor is a bewildered mercial man who is very much on the ball but has dangerous twinkle behide his overgrown eyebrows.  
Clara is very much disappointed, taken back by the regenerated Doctor and then terrified by her situation of being in human body part stealing robots restaurant kitchen! 
All the time she and the audience is wondering if the new Doctor really has her back?
I find the new direction refreshing and Peter's performance brings back the enigma into the Doctor's newly baked persona. This Doctor does not do flirting! Is he deathly to robots?
Pushed or jumped?   The episode leaves you guessing!
I did miss Matt Smith's 11th Doctor mad movements; the telephone call by 11th Doctor to Clara was wonderful as was Vastar's speech on acceptance.
Overall this episode felt like it was the set up to a longer game but it felt like a stop gap to a reboot of all the characters relationships not the 1st episode of the season.  Now that's out of the way bring on the adventure. Germiono!  
Episode Score 8/10 
By Myriam Roberts