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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Eleventh Doctor Costume Card from the 50th Anniversary Alien Attax collection!

I got this! This a amazing!



Doctor Who Figurine Collection Binder!

Here are my videos about this fiddly binder for the Doctor Who Figurine Collection!

Part 1 Above

Part 2 Below


Doctor Who Figurine Collection Part 4/5

Hello all,
Here are reviews of parts 4/5 of this collection!


Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Doctor Who



Saturday, 14 September 2013

Doctor Who Figurine Collection Subscription Options.

Subscription Options Explained!


  • It launched on Wednesday, 28th August 2013
  • Currently 80 Figurines are planned
  • Includes all 11 Doctors!
  • First Issue £2.99
  • Subsequent Standard Issues £6.99
  • Subsequent Upgrade Issues (Premium Subscribers Only) £7.99 to obtain the Dalek (7) Collection
  • Every 2 Weeks in the Shops
  • Two Issues delivered every 4 weeks if you subscribe
  • Subscribers only Will Get Emperor Dalek, Digital edition, One Stand and Binder
  • Subscribers can automatically receive further display plinths at £14.99 each every 10 issues
  • Subscribers can automatically receive binders every 16 issues at £6.99 each

Wherever possible, your FREE subscription gifts will be packaged and sent along with your copies, as follows:

  • Binder – In your second shipment
  • Display Stand – In your third shipment
  • Giant Dalek Figurine – In your fifth shipment
  • Digital Edition – Extra Gift available to current
  • subscribers 

 Premium Subscribers ONLY!!

Premium Subscribers also get every 10 issues, one Dalek out of seven Daleks plus the stand will be included with your standard subs delivery. You will start paying the extra £1.00p from issue 2 onwards, if you start your subscription at a later issue you just have to pay an additional £1.00p per issue for the issues you have missed.

 Check out for more information or visit their facebook page

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Figurine Magazine Collection

Hello all,

Here are my three videos about the new figurine collection celebration all of Doctor Who's  50 Year History from 1963-2013!

Part 1 /Issue 1 the Eleven Doctor as played by Matt Smith 

Part 2/Issue 2 Davros

Part 3/Issue 3 Cyber-Controller 

This makes Doctor Who the longest running television program in the world and also the longest running Science-fiction series in the World.

Hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013


As the lovely Skepta said in the video below.

Here is My Power!!
I also experimented with the backgrounds in these photos! 

Do you feel inspired to tell me what is your Power??? 


Vlive 2013!

On Saturday 6th July I went to VInspired Live 2013 at the Roundhouse London. Click link below for more details.

I saw the amazing line up below! 

Professor Green

Professor Green

Jack & Finn Harries

Jack & Finn Harries





Levi Roots

Levi Roots

Brooke Kinsella

Brooke Kinsella

Kristian Thomas

Kristian Thomas

Zoe Smith

Zoe Smith 

It was a great event and I really enjoyed it.

Plus I got involved with a new campaign which Skepta will tell you all about in the video below.  Here is Skepta talking about #MyPoweris campaign!

Check out my photos! 

Enjoy and See you next time.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Vcashpoint is recruiting !

Hello all,

 I want to tell you about Vcashpoint which I used as Youth Action Team member for Leicestershire and Rutland to create the Rare Youth magazine!

Vcashpoint is simple.

If you're 14-25 and have an idea that will solve a problem in your community we want to help.
We're offering grants of up to £500 to turn your ideas into reality, and get your projects of the ground.
 The great thing about Cashpoint is that once funding's signed off you run your project the way you want to.
We've already changed many young peoples' lives and transformed communities for the better.
You can bring your social action projects to life by clicking the link below !

There is also still time to get involved with Vlive! 

So go on and apply for Free tickets to day! 

Friday, 10 May 2013

Vinspired Igniter, What's your Project!!

Kick off a project with award-nominated Igniter

vInspired’s Igniter is in the running for the best Doing Good Online platform in the UK. We’ve been shortlisted for a Nominet award!

Igniter helps you build a community project of your own.

We’ll help you appeal to the public for donations. Once your project is funded, it’s up to you to pull it off.

Make your dream a reality. Use our pioneering platform to help your community.

Sign up to Igniter now!

Team V is looking for New Volunteers!!!

Join Team v for a £1000 grant

  • Chosen a career that needs leadership, project management and PR skills?
  • Want to make a positive change in your community?
  • Fancy £1000 towards training for work?
  • 18-25?
  • Living in England?
If you answered yes, you're perfect forTeam v. We're recruiting and we want YOU. Applications are open until Friday 28 June.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Vinspired Live

Hello all,

Here at last V inspired have done something huge ! 

If you want to make a change tell Vinspired what fires you up and click the link below!

vInspired are asking young people to name an issue they want to change. Think more could be done to clean up the environment? Know how to raise awareness of school bullying? Tell them about it. Together, we’re all going to Change Something

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Hello All, 

Who does not Love Funny Cat Pictures? 

Here is a great campaign by Do Something UK VInspired called LOLZ NOT TROLLS!

Lolz not Trolls

Help Do Something UK 

make the internet a

happier place 

You could win an iPad mini. 

There are FIVE to be won! 

Lolz Not Trolls on Facebook | Facebook

All about not being a internet troll and not cyber-bulling anyone regardless of age.

An internet trolls is defined as someone who 

posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic 

messages in an online community, such as a 

forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary 

intent of provoking readers into an emotional 

response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-

topic discussion. 



Monday, 11 February 2013

Harry Potter Wizards Collection Set!

Hello all,

Here are my videos of my Wizards Collection which I won!

There you have it people! What a set !

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Platform 9 3/4 Shop King's Cross Station

Hello all,

Here are my videos and Harry Potter mechanise hauls from the New Platform 9 3/4 Shop at King's Cross Station London!

Just to let you know the queue is very long so get their early for your picture at Platform 9 3/4!

The queue when I arrived at the platform!

The queue/line after I had left the shop!!!

See what I mean!

Inside and Outside the Shop

My Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter Haul!

Review of My Haul!

Hope you all enjoyed!