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Friday, 26 December 2014

Doctor Who Last Christmas Review

Plot Summary (Spoiler warnings)
In short we were subjected to a interesting multiple dream within a dream scenes all at the north pole or were they. The film influences for this episode were Alien face huggers for the glorious hands/ Dream Crabs  which were very scary and excellently done.
The Ring with the Aliens walking threw the TV. An Nightmare on Elm Street if you die in a dream you are died in real life, the Wizard of Oz  there is no place like home , Miracle on 30th Street the Actor who played Santa is called Nick Frost and this Santa was badass but wanted everyone to believe in him(very well done Moffat)
It's a wonderful life what would Clara's life be like if the Doctor never returned to her and last Inception many dreams in a dream. The was also a reference to My little Pony. In short this Christmas specail felt like opening a very familiar Christmas stocking full of films you had watch before. It was fun but overall unsatisfactory but the episode did resolve the Danny save and Gallifrey found lie between the Doctor and Clara. 

Clara was more whinny, needy than ever and she will not die or leave. Clara spent the episode mooning over the lose of Danny and 11th Doctor. Move on already.
Spoiler Alter she will be back for season Nine!I was touched by the Doctor pulling a cracker with the older Clara as it linked to last year's 11th Doctor and Clara cracker scene nicely.  Horraay for platonic love.  

Was a nice dream chap. I really feel that he should have had some adventure s in the Tardis. It would have been fun. But no still dead.

Peter Capolid captures the Doctor and he shines. He had a last a balance between the light moments and his great serious,  dark, edgy moment's which were great like driving the  santa sledge like 10th Doctor and 11th Doctor respectly.  Why do all the Doctor's have to have the same experiences now? 

Nick Frost's Santa was a badass, bad mouthing, sarstic, Chrimbo dude with a touch of warm winter wine for extar feels. He owned the role.

Random Explores/ scientists (not either of these things)
Were just the normal random mix of guys and girls from the movie Alien or a random explore film. Good characters, loved the Turkey leg scene and the sexy older lady in a wheelchair. The head scientist was great and had a well defined strong female role with intelligence dialogue; shame about Clara who was reduced to screaming female and sent into danger.

Overall one of the best scary episode in ages but in short like Bobby in tge Shower it was all a dream.  Too much Inception for my liking but the Alien references were excellent and creepy. Love the Dream crabs, slash Hand huggers.

I will get around to reviewing Season 8 11 /12 Dark Water and Death in Heaven when I have calmed down.