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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 5 Time Heist

Plot Summary

Memory worms are becoming over used but the idea of the Doctor getting a gang and robbing a max security bank is super.
This episode rocks because it is a stand alone story which has losts of great new characters!

The Teller made me flash back to River Song, Rose and even the 11th Doctor story of Hide in Season 7. Glad Tellers were good.

Mutant human called Saibra is clearly a rip of X-Men and the again with the Augmented human called Psi.
But they hold there own and push the  story forward even if they are plot tool characters. 

What is getting old in Doctor Who is killing characters to bring them back again, yawn. We have seen it before.  When will Moffat learn that if the Doctor does not care about a character then the viewer will not; even if Clara pretends to care because lets face it the Doctor companions never like to compete for his attention.  Both of these new character were cool and I hope they get a come back.

Bank Security
Ms Delphox the Head of Security as a clone of Director Karabraxos 'the clone burner' was awesome and had real depth to her and in the end we feel for her because the Doctor does. Perhaps he understands her as he too burns his lives one after another, always moving forward not looking back.

Clara's level of trust in the Doctor is huge and the emotional cost to her is huge. She needs to like Martha before her let him go.

Dark Doctor very scary and yet he was very funny in this episode but the villainy of him in this episode is shocking.  I loved it.

Rating 4/5