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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dr Who Season 8 Episode 3 The Robots of Sherwood

This episode had good weather, shame about the overall cheap feel to the episode; paticularly the costumes (minus Clara's costume) and the historical sets being too new looking.

Clara is now a fully developed character thank God. Thus able to put both Robin and the Doctor in their place. But Peter Capolid's grumpy Doctor needs to find his lighter side quick. The over laughing Robin Hood was jolly annoying.

The Sheriff of Nottingham was just passable but nearly ham. There were many quite River Song references to Queens which made me mourn her and that kiss on the Doctor cheek from Maid Marion was sweet.

I feel that we have gone from the 11th Doctor Who played by Matt Smith was a myrical mix of the complex old man with a young man's energy & zest for life with over complicated love life & story arches to Peter Capolid's 12th Doctor a serious grumply complex mature man with very Janet and John simple stories. Is a step to far and it insults the Dr Who audiences. I just hope the next episode gets us back on track. I love the promise land references so far. I hope Peter Capolid's Doctor is able to be a round Doctor, who is able to have a light and dark side. I loved the spoon duel. This episode was dull and What's is with Doctor Who's historical stories not being quite right.
Overall I give this episode a 4/10.
Could do much better.
By Myriam Roberts