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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How Jimmy Savile Hoodwinked the whole country!

How Jimmy Savile Hoodwinked the whole country! 

Jimmy Savile was a member of Mensa the High I.Q society and had a magnetic personally. At the time there was no CRB checks at the BBC and there were no policies of child protection or safeguardi
ng in the 1960-1970. This is not a excuse but a fact.

Peoples attitudes were very different' they were not like us looking for abuse. Jimmy when questioned about it said he hated children and turned it into a joke wink wink. He also preyed on the most vulnerable young people both boys and girls from institutes like Boardmoor and behaviour schools.

At the time no one would believe a word these young people would have said about the abuse and being abused by Jimmy Savile the charity supporter, catholic, Freemason, Mensa member. It is sad to think that Jimmy was allow to get away with is for so long because of people disbelieving attitudes. Jimmy Savile was untouchable.

I myself feel sick in the stomach and I only wrote in the the show. What is even worse is that there seems to be a link between Jimmy and Gary Glitter of all people. The cover up and the the on going investigation is going to damage not just the BBC but the whole country!

How on earth could the whole of the UK be hoodwinked by one man? Jimmy did this abuse in front of the whole country and no one looking into the rumours!

I only hope the BBC investigation doesn't over shadow the hundred maybe thousand of Jimmy's victims. 

Click link below for BBC program on this!