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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Chris Schweizer's Harry Potter Characters Designs!

Hello Web,
I have to tell you all about Chris Schweizer's Harry Potter character designs. Chris has designed an incredible set of 55 Potter cartoon characters from the series! 
See images below. 

Chris is allowing you to download your own set of figures.  I love the designs so much that I downloaded my own set and have spent 3 hours cutting , sticking and glueing them together.
Hopefully when they are finished they should look like Chris's below.

 I am going to do a youtube video of them when they are complete.  I love the designs they are so creative and fun. The character cartoons feel like they have walked straight out of the book which takes Harry Potter back to his literary roots, unlike the stylised film image below.

Seeing these cartoons made me see the series in a new light!
I think it is important that people understand that these characters do not have one set look that defines them! They have whatever look the reader imagines or in this case the drawer!

 You can only get the Moaning Myrtle figure by 

clicking the link below!

Here is a link to the Mugglenet article about them.

Here is the direct link to Chris awesome website where you can download your own set of figures!

By Myriam Roberts