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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Casual Vacancy Review

Here we go a review on J K Rowling first adult book but really even she says that 14 year old could read it and I agree. 

Spoiler warning don't read if you don't want to be spoiled! 

I could some this book up in 2 letters and  3 words I would say "J K Rowling's Red book."
Jessica Mitford would be proud of this one Joe! 

This book in clearly written for the political intelligencer so they at least have some understand of what it is like being a small  back-word village who are struggling to cope with there local chav problem  or benefits class as working class implies you work for a living and underclass implies you don't exists in society. The village also has issues with being a multicultural society as most of the village is white and there is one Asian family in the village. The village is a  characters study in its self. J K Rowling makes sure all class groups are represented as you have the chav class, the middle class with up-class pretensions and the upper class who clearly don't want to be in the fictional Pagford at all. 

Overall  I have  to say this is most depressing book yet after Harry Potter. It would have be more believe able if the teenager had lived and had a baby; but Joe had to kill her as well as the little boy. This is a women who killed Hedwig and Dobby after all.  I love her ability to do detailed middle class characters with honeyed venom, Dear stalker hat. lol. 
It is a great fiction example of an English town today and in short is could be called Mugglemarch.  

The best thing about her writing even if it is a bit simple are the the characters and their  relationships to each other and this shines through well. Making you want to read on. J K Rowing is very good a writing tomes and Casual Vacancy is a novel in 7 parts making it 503 pages long.

would give this book out of ten seven for it works but the story is a little dull and depressing causing the book to lag in the middle but the paces picks up towards the ending.  
J K Rowling wrote this one with a political agenda and I have to say that I think it has worked. 
J K Rowling does write teenagers characters really well. 

Major Spoiler Warning 

By burying Barry the fields boy made good who became a saint next to Krystal the fields girls with the bad reputation and Robbie the innocent victim of the fields. J K Rowling is showing that small villages kill bad housing estates.
 This show by the people from Pagford who could have stop the situation before the child fell.  At the end of the novel where Pagfrod makes the fields part of Yarvil and not there problem. But whose Problem are these so called trouble estates then? 

By Myriam Roberts