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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fifty Shades of Twilight: Analyse, Review and Commentary!

Warning Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Don't read if you don't want to be spoiled. 


Part 1: General Romantic Themes

Here is Part 1 : General Romantic Themes in my Fifty Shades of Twilight: Analyse, Review and Commentary Series. 

It can be said that Fifty Shades of Grey is just an updating of all the chick flicks and romance Mills and Boom Novels with a twist of bondage and a dash of Pretty Women.

In short the whole story is about the journey a man or a Dark/Grey/ White Knight goes though to get his life back on track  told from the perspective of the women he loves Ana.  The biggest question facing Ana and Christian's relationship and (later marriage) is will or can it work out between them relationship wise, as well as moving their physical relationship form the red room to the bedroom. 

The books does read like a fairy tale is Christian Grey a white knight coming to save Ana. Or is he a Dark Knight coming to trap her in dominate submissive contract? 
Could this ambivalence reflect our 21st Century fear of Commitment and therefore marriage?? 

Can Ana like Miss Ward in Pretty Women rescues Christian right back after he rescues her?? Or will is destroy her to do so?? 

E.L James uses light, sky and clouds in the books to give the feeling that Ana and Christian are above the ordinary people as they work out their relationships morality and hint at future which will be above others due to money, lifestyle and family happiness. Could be this be in their grasp?  Charlie Tango the helicopter is even sabotage, is their relationship going to be too??

Wanting More 

After Ana leaves him in the first book and Christian has his epiphany and realise that he does want more in their relationship but how! The concept of wanting more in a relationship is as old as  the fairy tales or as Mr Lewis form Pretty Women puts it impossible relationships with all  their the flower's, chocolate's and hearts trappings. This is also how Christian proposes to Ana in a room full of flowers and hearts just to bang home the point to the reader that Christian wants a real relationship with Ana and not some dominate submissive contract! But there are those who claim that is what a marriage can turn into. This idea will be looked at further in this blog series. 

The Book Covers 

The book covers are really good advertises to the max here. All three books are black or is a dark grey and all of them have sliver items which do have major roles in each book apart from the key which is metaphorical of their relationships freedom or is Christian's freedom or Ana's freedom or all of it. The tie is Ana's favourite and hints a Christian being a business man who loves pleasure but of what kind? The mask is from the ball but who in the relationship is wearing a metaphorical mask is Ana wearing it because she is hoping for what is not there in their relationship or is a Christian hiding be-hide his dominate persona? 
I love the art but overall I think it does hint at the story being darker and dirtier than it is as Ana and Christian relationship does come out of the dark into the light. 

Summing up

It could be said the Fifty Shades of Grey is a development and merger of all the the romantic literature and romance media into one huge fantasy. This is clearly the case but is it what all   women and mummy's love to read??
I think that the reason  that Fifty Shades of Grey goes to dark places is that in the 21st century men and women's roles are at a state of confusion and flux. Is it meant to be OK in theroy for a man to watch a romantic film or cry in public but does it happen in real life? 
Or is the married working mum still the one bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen cleaning after work at home?? 

Hope you enjoy it!

Next time Part 2: Classic Literature Influences