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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


Hello all,
I love these cards as they cover the whole 50 Years of Doctor Who History!  

Set 1

Set 2 

 This set only comes with Doctor Who Monster Invasion Magazine.

There are 480 cards to collect in total ( Set 1, Set 2 & Ultimate collection)

  •  45 Doctor cards
  •  57 Villain cards
  • 87 Doctor's Ally cards
  • 108 Monster cards
  • 123 Adventure cards
  •  49 Gadget cards
  •  2 Infinite cards. 

All cards other than the Infinite are divided into four categories - 

  • Common
  •  Rare 
  • Super Rare 3-D 
  • Ultra Rare

 There are also four special edition cards - 

  • The Exploding TARDIS card (which came with the first Doctor Who Monster Invasion collector's tin)
  • The Doctor Autograph card (available only with issue 11 of Doctor Who Monster Invasion)
  •  The Amy Autograph card (only available to subscribers who opt-in to buy the Doctor Who Monster Invasion Extreme collector's tin) 
  •  The Rory Autograph card (available with the Doctor Who Monster Invasion collector's tin). 

The new Ultimate collection is only available with Doctor Who Monster Invasion magazine from Issue 32 - 52 to complete your collection!

There are 126 cool new cards to collect.
Every issue comes with five shiny rare cards and a shiny ultra rare card. 
There is no Infinite card in this collection.

The Ultimate collection features five limited edition cards. 

  • Four of these are Flipcards in issues 32, 38, 45 and 52. 
  •  one is a special 'Silence Will Fall' card

Official website for the cards and magazine collection!