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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Dr Who Season 9 ,The Witch's Familiar

Hello all,
Spoiler Warning read at your own risk.
News just in from the 9th season of 5he  Doctor Who Explores Space & Time Documentary; we have found out that Davros the Dark Lord of Skaro not only understands basic mercy but has 2 working eyes and can cry. Also the being understood to be that Master Mistress has only just for the 1st time met Davros in episode 2 the Witch's Familiar l. Clara relived her Ayslum  of the Dalek days when she was Oswin Oswald. But what a powerful episode combination 1st we had episode 1 the magician's apprentice all about  the Doctor  relationship with Davros and this week we had all about Clara & Missy in the Witch's Familiar.  In conclusion we need more information on the Gallifreyan prophecy's.