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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Doctor Who Season 9 The Magicians Apprentice

The Magicians Apprentice

"Do I have the right"

This 1st episode of Doctor Who Season 9 is great because of three things.

1. The shows history of the Daleks and how this episode builds on the Genesis of the Daleks "Do I have the right" speech. In fact the speech is featured in this episode. 


I played guess the Dalek classic episode when I saw each Dalek. There were no Telly Tubby Daleks. See below for visual input.

2. The beginning of Davros creator of the Daleks (any more here would be spoilers)

3. The return of the cliffhanger, UNIT,Missy and sadly Clara (no change with companion yet) 

This episode was the Moffet concept cram working beautifully. This episode was perfect.  

 Overall rating 5/5  "Do I have the right"