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Monday, 13 February 2017

How To Grow Your YouTube Channel !

Hello all,

I am in the YouTube Partnership Program with my YouTube Channel Anna@Bella.
The YouTube Partnership Program Provides the following for creators :

  • YouTube Creator Playbook/YouTube Help
  • YouTube Creator Studio App
  • YouTube Live Streams
  • YouTube Creator Hub 
  • YouTube Creator Community 
  • YouTube Creator Academy 
  • YouTube Creator Days @ YouTube Spaces 

I have created a poem about How To Grow Your YouTube Channel !

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Listen up when I speak
I am trending on Google Trend
My YouTube Channel is Anna@Bella you know
I am a YouTube Creator with 1 K subs
on the YouTube Creator Community: level 6, 19 badges, going strong
Talking to other Creators like a boss,
I can download and upload videos like a pro
I use the YouTube Playbook
I know these rules
Can use the YouTube Creator Hub and YouTube Help to get answers I need
It is covered

I am following the top 10 Fundamentals
There on my wall
My mantra of
  • shareability
  • conversation
  • interaction
  • consistency
  • targeting
  • sustainability
  • discoverability
  • accessibility
  • turning viewers into fans with my hard work, passion, drive, inspiration, inspiration and inspiration!

Are you using the YouTube Creator Studio app to upload on the go?
Mange that Creator content
Keep it up on the go
YouTube Studio can now upload thumbnails too

I have passed lots of courses at the YouTube Creator Academy  branding balance, tags, being searchable, pitching, end screens, putting cards on the video , growing a business, mastering the metadata, reading the trending signs are all taught hear to worthy Padwarnn YouTube learners

Mastering YouTube technobabble
The Lingo of pre- production, production, editing and video uploads.
I am an upload master!

Take part in YouTube Live Stream Chats to learn from the top Youtubers, keep the focus, get the air time, exposure, meet new Creators, get channel shout outs plus the never ending questions and answers too.

Going to YouTube Creator Studio London on the train in the rain
Waiting, eating food and listening to others watching Youtubers
More selfish selfies
They have a creator gift shop
Posing around
Meeting, mixing and mingle
All while wondering where the toilets are?

All to add to the conversation, creating the buzzing of a community of fans with their clicks, views and watch time, who increase the shareability of the video, managing their comments, taking on the haters, banishing the trolls, all to make interaction with the world.

All to turn views into loyal subscribers also called fans
Mastering the metadata and looking at the YouTube analytics
Earth wide, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Syria, Egypt, Japan, India, Mexico too
Are watching my videos
The whole world watches and shares what you do
Use YouTube Analytics to read the signs, spot the tends to grow that channel and Target your audience
Using rate cards
Viewing the daily ,weekly ,monthly, yearly reports,
Look at those pie charts, line graphs and know you stuff
Look out for spikes in the metadata, watch time, clicks and much more.

All to build better video title, thumbnails and descriptions with tags which are searchable words
To be a better channel
Consistency of voice and video
Order those videos into clear playlists
Create that channel art
Neat up the channel
Be a professional
Build a brand of sustainability
All to increase discoverability, by targeting your audience and get found  
Discovered by who and what after no way clear!
Get a brand deal maybe, or a book, perhaps a tour.
YouTube Verification needed for all above
Using Adsense or a Multi Channel Network maybe?
Filling a niche in the YouTube creator market,
Be a YouTube Partner get on the Partnership program to be the best you can be!
Collaborate, Collaborate and Collaborate with to the Top Creators not just Gary the Snail !
Gary the Snail is awesome !
All the while remembering
Be value,
Be topical
Be relatable
Mind map the ideas in a brain scoop of accessibility
YouTube is inspiration, inspiration and inspiration to broadcast yourself so can I create my own video content now?

I have performed it on my YouTube channel Anna@Bella.
Here is the video link: